Connecting to Christmas Baskets

As Dowling is getting ready for Christmas Baskets, Mr. Ferguson gives advice to students on how to be successful


Mary Kumedjro

How to jump head first into Christmas Baskets with advice from Mr. Ferguson himself

Mary Kumedjro, Staff Writer

The time for Christmas Baskets is here. Dowling students alone will be able to help 56 families receive a merry Christmas this year, and all together, the Dowling community will help close to 100 families. This next month will be full of running from store to store trying to collect things for our families. Mr. Ferguson, who is in charge of Christmas Baskets, shared his insight on the Christmas Basket’s progress so far.


He first mentioned the head start Dowling has on the Christmas Baskets project this year.


“We’re raising money at a quicker pace than usual, so things are going well,” Ferguson said.


With Christmas Baskets comes struggles, and seniors may find it difficult to reach the families or motivate their homerooms to give. They may struggle to get groups organized so that everyone knows what they’re doing to help. The best way to get things rolling is by taking initiative.


“Well, the first thing I tell them is to lead by example, be sure they’re giving, be sure they’re donating items, and then typically the underclassmen will as well,” Ferguson said.


With underclassmen, there are some ways to lighten the load while checking items off from your homeroom list.


“Share their Christmas wishlist with the underclassmen’s parents, because let’s be honest, Mom and Dad are gonna go out and shop and spend their money on the items,” Ferguson said.


If underclassmen can do this, it could speed up the process significantly. We all know most of our parents try to go Christmas shopping early because it allows them to get the “good” presents which would be too hard to find a week before Christmas. Giving our parents the list helps check off the scarce items during Christmas time


Even though Christmas Baskets may come with struggles, they can also come with cheer. Everyone that gets involved will make you feel happy, and in the end, we all get to see just how much we collected. We get to make a person’s day, and no better for that day to be Christmas Day.


“Wrapping day [is my favorite part], because you start to see how much we really have,” Ferguson said. “You see how much you guys have collected, how much you guys have donated, and in the end, it fills almost the entire school. It’s pretty impressive.”