A PE Secret: the Search for the Ultimate Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The physical education teachers have started a new tradition involving spicy chicken sandwiches


Mara Jones

Teachers review different spicy chicken sandwiches around Des Moines.

Mara Jones , Staff Writer

There has been some recent attraction to the PE department’s office where there is a whiteboard with rankings of the best spicy chicken sandwiches. The people who partake in trying the sandwiches are Mr. Stanley, Coach Wisner, and Coach Nicholson. 


“Mr. Nicholson had shown me a guy that did it with pizza all across the country, and I was on a spicy chicken kick, so I said, ‘Hey, let’s do it!’ ” Stanley said. 


Throughout the first semester of school, they have taken ideas from people who know of places they should try. The board was updated as they tried them, and next to the restaurant, they would rate it out of 10. These rankings even got down to the decimals. 


“Well, the playoff has just begun, and we are down to four; Smash Burger is the one seed, and Popeyes is the two seed right now,” Stanley said. 


With ranking these sandwiches, they have also had some struggles; some of the sandwiches were not worth trying. Another problem has been planning on what day would work best for them to go out and get them over lunch. Sometimes they even go to sit down restaurants, and they have to do it on a day the students aren’t in school. 


“We try to send one of us out about every other Friday depending on what is going on that day,” Stanley said. 


As they are getting closer to the end and determining what is the best overall, it is getting harder and harder for them to decide. They are finding that they might need to re-rank some things and get down to the nitty-gritty. 


“We just decide how spicy they are and what comes on the sandwich, and we don’t allow each other to add things on to the sandwich. We throw our three scores in and divide it by three,” Stanley said.  

Mr. Stanley enjoying his spicy chicken sandwich of the week (Zach Nicholson )