Insane for Insomnia

Insomnia cookies open up shop in downtown Des Moines


Natalie Thomas

Insomnia Cookie Logo on front desk; check them out!

Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

Insomnia Cookies, a famous chain restaurant, has opened up shop here in downtown Des Moines. Popular on college campuses and all over big cities, do the cookies live up to the hype? 


Over the long weekend, My dad and I, both of us who love desserts, decided to put Insomnia Cookies to the test. Sunday night, we made our first attempt at getting these cookies. Sadly, the line was out the door, and waiting in thirty-degree weather was something we both didn’t want to do. 


Monday, we had the school day off, so we decided we would hopefully beat the crowds and go right when it opened at eleven. Still, we were not the first in line, but we waited and soon found out that the long lines were worth it. 


Box of different cookies ranging from chocolate chip to mint (Natalie Thomas)

We selected twelve different cookies ranging from regular chocolate chips to a peanut butter chunk cookie. All of them are not disappointing. 


The favorite cookie among my family would be the mint chocolate chip.  The worker at the store said that this has been one of their best sellers. The worker didn’t lead us astray. The mint flavor and the dark chocolate chips mix so well to create a perfect cookie. Even if you aren’t looking for a fancy cookie, Insomnia offers regular cookies, the chocolate chip cookie and snickerdoodle are perfect for a simple cookie. 


If cookies aren’t your jam, Insomnia cookies also offer ice cream sandwiches year-round. Due to the Midwest’s crazy weather, ice cream was not the move; but the moment the weather turns better, having an ice cream sandwich from Insomnia Cookies will be at the top of my list. Also, if waiting in lines is a turn away for you, check out Insomnia’s website, where you will be able to order online! 

Toppings Insomnia offers for ice cream. (Natalie Thomas)


Want to try Insomnia Cookies? 


Address: 405 Court Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 


Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 11AM-12AM, Thursday- Friday: 11AM- 1AM, Saturday: 12PM-1AM, Sunday: 12PM- 12AM 


Phone: (515) 478-3475