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Experienced upperclassmen recommend classes underclassmen should take


Natalie Thomas

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Natalie Thomas, Staff Writer

It is that time of year again where students choose what classes they will take in the upcoming school year. For many students, registration can be overwhelming as students decide what classes to take with little preconceived knowledge.


After four years of choosing classes, seniors know the ins and outs of registration. Joe Bauhmover (12) and Kate Easter (12) both figured out their passions early into high school, and they guided the classes they took towards their passions. 


Ever since Easter was little, she knew she wanted to go to medical school, so when deciding what classes she took, she looked for what would best give her exposure in the field of science/ medicine before college. Easter took advantage of electives like AP Psychology and Health. Any students that want to know what they want to do in the future should always look for exposure to the field in high school, like Easter. 


“I would highly recommend that you choose your classes according to the field you want to go into because it’s great to start getting experience early on”

“I would highly recommend that you choose your classes according to the field you want to go into because it’s great to start getting experience early on””

— Kate Easter


Bauhmover found his calling in the art department. Bauhmover, a talented artist, creates his schedule every year so that he can take art classes he loves and get teachers that support him in his artistic endeavors. These classes allow Bauhmover the chance to grow in his skills and find a way to relax during a hectic school day.


“They’ve allowed me to have self-expression as years have gone by and are always a good mental break from the rest of the school day,” Bauhmover said. 


Although Bauhmover loves focusing on art, he regrets not taking Advanced / AP classes earlier in high school. Choosing whether to take regular or advanced classes is always something students struggle with deciding. Like Bauhmover, Allie Rutledge (10) recommended that students take what they are comfortable with; if you took two advanced last year and are ready to add a third, go ahead, but there isn’t any pressure. Rutledge regrets not challenging herself with that extra advanced class. 


“I wish I would have taken Advanced Spanish 2 because the course work is roughly the same but it has a higher GPA weight,” Rutledge said. 

List of some of the classes freshmen can sign up for (Natalie Thomas)


Rutledge’s favorite classes she took this year were AP European History and Journalism I. Rutledge found freshman World Geography interesting and decided to sign up for AP Euro this year. She found that the class was just as interesting. Rutledge also liked taking Journalism I because it allowed students access to taking newspaper and yearbook in the future. Journalism I is also only available to sophomores and juniors, so if you’re worried about being in a room full of upperclassmen, don’t be. 


PSA to students: At Dowling, no matter what class you sign up for, every teacher has one common goal; they want their students to succeed. You can’t go wrong with picking out any of your classes, but in the end, make sure you pick classes that are interesting to you. They might not be the most popular, but they can lead you to finding your passion. Also, make sure you get your technology and art credits done early.