Good News From 2021

DCHS students share their highlights from the past year


Gracie Ahmann

Take a look at all of this good news from 2021!

Gracie Ahmann, Staff Writer

Hopefully at least slightly better than 2020, 2021 still came with its own set of struggles. Despite the increase of normalcy in the world, COVID-19 is clearly still lingering and the adjustment back to a non-COVID-19 workload, amongst countless other things, has taken a toll on all of us. Here, I asked students what the best part of their 2021 was, in hopes of focusing on the wonderful opportunities we got to experience during still, a pretty tough year.


“Committing to Iowa and figuring out my major,” Riley Berns (12) said.


Abby Ireland (11) at her first fashion show. (Gracie Ahmann)
Samara Tumea (12) and Gina Grindatti (12) at the beach. (Samara Tumea)

“The whole fact that life was on its way to getting back to normal,” Samara Tumea (12) said.


“My Kairos,” Emily Allen (12) said.


“Going to Colorado with my family this summer,” Ava Roemen (12) said.


“Going on a family vacation to Pensacola and swimming in the ocean,” Lauren Havlicek (11) said.


“Hiking in the Swiss Alps with my family,”

Chloe Kasch (12) said.

Ava Roemen (12) with her sister, Julia, in Colorado. (Gracie Ahmann)



Clare O’Halloran (12) with her cousins in Michigan. (Gracie Ahmann)

“Figuring out where I want to go to college and what I want to study,” Claire Sullivan (12) said.


Walking in my first fashion show, Abby Ireland (11) said.


“Beginning to take the time to put myself first and prioritize my mental health,” Lorelei Auen-Ryan (12) said.


“Going to Michigan with my cousins,” Clare O’Halloran (12) said.


Jenna Pogemiller (12) and Vinny Carson (12) this summer. (Gracie Ahmann)

“Being able to spend the summer with my girlfriend, Abby Reinhardt,” Sebastian Salamanca (12) said.

Mary Kate Melcher (12) with her co-stars in the spring musical, High School Musical. (Mary Kate Melcher)


“Meeting Jenna,” Vinny Carson (12) said.


“Moving into my new house in the summer,” Eva Lynner (12) said.


“The spring musical,” Mary Kate Melcher (12) said.


“All-State and the experience I had at the festival,” John Cahalan (12) said.


Lauren Myers (12) with her family this summer. (Lauren Myers)

“The spring musical and cross country season,”

Liv Hall (10) said.

Liv Hall (10) and the Varsity Girls’ XC team on the podium of a meet. (Liv Hall)


“Meeting Gracie Ahmann at cross country one summer day,” Rachel Kilkenny (10) said.


“Spending most of the summer with my family and friends,” Lauren Myers (12) said.


“Going to Wisconsin with my boyfriend in the summer,” Maleah Greenslade (12) said.


Marcus Stutz (12) with his friends in Minnesota. (Marcus Stutz)

“Going to Minnesota with my best friends for the first week of summer,” Marcus Stutz (12) said.


“Having a ‘normal’ summer,” Gina Grindatti (12) said.


“Being able to have a normal football season,” Mackenzie Royal (12) said.


“Going to Iowa City with friends and tailgating before an Iowa game,” Noelle Gallagher (12) said.


Ava Myers (11) and Mackenzie Royal (12) at a DCHS football game. (Mackenzie Royal)

“Being able to rush the field at an Iowa Hawkeyes game.” Reese Brase (12) said.


Reese Brase (12) with her parents at an Iowa Hawkeyes game. (Reese Brase)

“Spending the majority of my summer in Colorado with my sister,” Madelyn Tran (12) said.



“The team bus ride to state for soccer,” Lauren Schroeder (12) said.


“Going on vacation to Lake Arrowhead, California to see family,” – Suzanne Bigelow (10) said.


Lauren Schroeder (12) and Ella Anliker (10) after a soccer game. (Lauren Schroeder)
Madi Bruck (12), Hannah Martin (12), and Allyson Kuhn (12) at All-State. (Madi Bruck)

“Getting into All-State,” Madi Bruck (12) said.


“Going to the lake and tubing with friends,” Averie Pistillo (12) said.


“All the concerts I was able to go to,” Molly Dryer (12) said.


“Learning to love and accept others and myself,” Rubie Goodman (12) said.


Anna Schaffer’s (11) kittens, Miss Kitty and Pablo. (Anna Schaffer)

“Getting two kittens,” Anna Schaffer (12) said.

Molly Dryer (12) and her sister after a Harry Styles concert. (Molly Dryer)


“Going to the Dan and Shay concert at the Iowa State Fair with all my friends,” Natalie Bejarno (12) said.







Although 2021 presented obstacles for all of us, every student I spoke to was quick to find something they appreciated about this past year. It is amazing that we have gotten these chances to travel, participate in activities, spend time with our loved ones, and so much more that we were not able to do a year ago. It is cliche, but very true that there is always something positive to seek out when things are not exactly perfect, and I think that is too often forgotten.