Path to Committment

A rising sophomore baseball star gives his thoughts on commitment and hopes for his future.


Earl Hulst

Trever Baumler (10) winds up to throw a pitch. Baumler, though only a sophomore, has already committed to a Division 1 baseball program in TCU.

Patrick Feltz, Staff Writer

Many seniors do not know where they are heading for college until the last minute, and some in college are still considering transferring and moving colleges after a year or so. However, for Trever Baumler (10), he knew instantly where he wanted to be the moment he stepped on TCU’s campus.


“I felt comfortable on the campus, as it felt very much like home. Baseball players commit pretty early, and TCU felt right for me. It was just like the midwest with how friendly everyone was, and I did not think too much elsewhere in terms of colleges,” Baumler said.


However, during a bit of the first semester, baseball players were still reeling in COVID-19 in terms of how difficult it was for scouts to come in and watch them play, and not helping them for the hope of the big offer.


“Earlier in the year, scouts had a difficult time coming out because of COVID-19, but then it started to feel normal again later on,” Baumler said.


For future plans, he would like to follow in his older brother, current pitcher in the Baltimore Orioles organization, footsteps, and would like to make sure he is getting his path laid out as early as possible to not face possible deterrents.


“I would like to get involved with business, and the draft is also a big part of my preparation as well,” Baumler said.


In terms of advice for seniors looking to call a college home, Baumler had words of wisdom and encouragement to make sure a prospective student knows their commitment’s the right decision and knowing if they will enjoy their time at a college.


“I would make sure you feel comfortable at the school and like the academics. Remember to form connections with coaches and professors as well to develop a community early on would be a really good idea,” Baumler said.