Teenage Advice: Friendship

Seniors know it all, or do they?


Sophie Porter

Teenagers give their advice. Their teachers humble them.

Sophie Porter, Staff Writer

Who knows friendships more than some seniors at Dowling Catholic? Therapists, psychologists, and the majority of adults probably do, but these slightly qualified teens definitely have lots of advice for anyone in need. The seniors have upped their game this time, so, Dowling’s well-known best friends, Ms. Gantt and Ms. Staudacher flipped the script and kindly attributed each piece of advice with a pair of famous best friends. 


Noelle Gallagher

Qualifications: government employee

Friendship Advice: “Some of the best friendships are the ‘when i first met you i thought you were such a b**** ‘ friendships. Sometimes it takes a while to get to know people. When you do eventually get to know them, you are able to understand them more, and they are able to understand you more. It’s natural for your friendships to change as you change and grow as a person, and it’s important to spend time with people that you enjoy being around, and that you feel comfortable being yourself in front of.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: David Rose and Stevie from Schitt’s Creek – the people you thought you would hate at first glance turned into someone you love because they are real.


Reagan Jensen

Qualifications: has friends

Friendship Advice: “Look for people that have similar interests or the people that you just get along with. conversation comes easy and you don’t have to worry about not being yourself. I maintain my friendships by spending time with them and making sure to check in on them to make sure they’re okay.” 

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: Cristina Yang and Meridith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy – They like the same thing, have the same goals and interests.


Michael Aguirre

Qualifications: doesn’t have any and was quoted saying, “you shouldn’t trust me”

Friendship Advice: “A true friend is someone that will tell you what you need to hear. Someone that will tell you when you are wrong. Someone that will love you no matter how bad you mess up. It’s not easy to maintain these kinds of friendships, as they require honesty, intimacy, and trust. The sad truth is that these kinds of friendships can end, whether that be to a certain situation taking place or a friendship just fading away. It is also important to not hold any resentment towards the fading of a friendship, as it doesn’t do anything for you but hinder your happiness in the end.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon from 30 Rock – They both told each other like it was, whether the other wanted to hear it or not.


Maleah Greenslade

Qualifications: has friends

Friendship Advice: “Branch out and have a wide variety of friends even if they don’t look or act exactly like you. In order to maintain those friendships, you should hang out and keep up with the other person consistently. Another thing that I’ve learned is being a listener goes a long way, and communication also plays a huge role. Communicating with friends about issues you may be having in the friendship can easily solve them, instead of just ignoring the problem. Communication also leads to a healthy friendship. You have to be communicating in order for the other person to know how you are feeling/doing. A healthy friendship is one where both people are putting in effort, communication, having fun, respecting each other, and trusting each other.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: the whole Parks and Rec crew from Parks and Rec – they all are so different but love each other so much unconditionally.


Joe Miyazaki

Qualifications: is wasian

Friendship Advice: “Pick friends that you truly enjoy being around and allow you to be yourself. Having friends that help you grow as a person is important in picking friends. Surrounding yourself with people that truly care about you is more beneficial than hanging around those that make you look cool. A healthy friendship between people should have mutual growth and not just material gain or popularity.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: Troy and Abed from Community – They allow each other to be their true weird awesome selves.


Clare O’Halloran

Qualifications: allegedly has friends

Friendship Advice: “Choose friends who do similar activities to you because those people tend to have similar personalities and choose people with similar interests. I maintain friendships by communication, primarily. Make sure that you’re checking in on them and talking to them regularly so they know that you care about them and you can keep that relationship.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: the Central Perk Squad from Friends – They are always up in everybody’s business. They have no choice but to be close.


Cynthia Lara-Estrada

Qualifications: is a fantastic friend

Friendship Advice: “Be open to new relationships and just be nice to everyone cause you never know who you’ll click with. You’ll know it’s a good friendship when you guys can have fun but also encourage each other to become the best versions of yourselves.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: CeCe and Jess from New Girl – they have been friends so long and it started because one needed help. They maintained the friendship because they cared about each other and wanted to put the time in.


Michael Marziano

Qualifications: experienced and qualified friend-advisor, brags of skills of such epic proportion that the people who come to him with their problems never come back

Friendship Advice: “Stop walking and wait for your friend if they need to tie their shoes. It means a lot.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: Hitchcock and Scully from Brooklyn Nine-Nine – They will NEVER leave a man behind, unless the lasagna is in front of them.


Petra Knupp

Qualifications: a “good” friend, always had friends, has had very successful long-term friendship, loves making new friends, gives unsolicited advice

Friendship Advice: “You don’t have to be stuck in your friendships. friendships evolve and people grow, sometimes in different ways. It is okay to become closer with some people and grow further apart from others. When I ‘pick’ people to be my friends I first look for people I get along with and have fun with. You always want to surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, and not people who tear you down and make you rethink your own identity. You also want to be friends with people who challenge you and make you a better person. The most important thing when it comes to maintaining friendships is making time for each other and checking up on your friends regularly. If you both care about each other, and you both work to learn about how to be a good friend to that specific person, a friendship can be a very stable and ultimately a source of happiness.”

Gantt and Staudacher’s Pairing: Harry, Ron, and Hermione from Harry Potter – They grew up with each other, picked people that made them better versions of themselves, and care about each other’s well-being.