Step-By-Step: asking your date to Winter Formal

A step-by-step on how to ask your date to Winter Formal.


Chloe Kasch

Tips and tricks on how to ask your date to Winter Formal, pictures included.

Chloe Kasch, Staff Writer

Roles reversed for Winter Formal. It’s your time to ask your date to the dance, here is a step-by-step to help ease the stress. 


  • Posterboard 
    • Dollar tree 
    • Micheals (they have a 20% off coupon) 
  • Letters & decorations for poster 
    • Micheals 
    • A cheaper way is to print and cut out the letters
  • Ideas 
    • Pinterest 
    • Ask the people in your life or theirs 
    • Think about the things they are interested in 


Start off by scrolling through Pinterest trying to find the right idea. Using inside jokes, their favorite food, candy, clothing brands or music is a good start to coming up with ideas. Puns are always a good thing to think of as well, having a little rhyme to it adds spice. 


Once having the idea and supplies are ready, the rest will be easy. You can hand write on the poster or glue letters for an easier route. Having other decorations on the poster makes it more appealing to look at. It doesn’t always have to be a poster, you could use food boxes for example a pizza box or a doughnut box. Something else to think of is when giving the poster to also give them a little something to go along with it. If you do a clothing brand you could also get them a shirt or something from the brand. Candy and food are always an easier option for those types of things but still thoughtful. 


The last step is the surprise of the poster and asking.


 Having a friend and someone else there with you helps ease the nerves and tension, so you can get pictures of you guys together with the poster. Walking up with the poster may be a little uncomfortable in all honesty, but don’t overthink it. All will be good in the end. 


And there you have it! The nerves of asking your date to Winter Formal are hopefully calmed and you feel a little more prepared for asking. Have fun with it, and don’t overthink the little details.