Students to Teacher Interactions

The students and teachers of Dowling Catholic’s views on what characteristics they look for in each other.


Mara Jones

Here’s a look at what Dowling teachers and students expect from each other.

Mara Jones and Emily Allen

The bond between students and teachers is what keeps a school running, and with Catholic Schools Week being last week, we got to see a whole new appreciation for our school and our teachers who make Dowling run smoothly. These friendships are formed with similar traits between students and teachers that make a classroom a friendly and safe learning environment. Below are some student/teacher feedback describing what makes students/teachers considered “good.”



Anna Barnes (12) 

“When they [teachers] try and make a bond with the students.” 


Lauren Schroder (12) 

“Teachers that are empathic towards their students and genuinely want to get to know their students.” 


Max Chenchar (9) 

“When the teachers are nice and caring.” 


Sam Curran (9) 

 “[Teachers that are] Kind, loving and give individual help as well as the following integrity.”  


Charlotte James (11) 

“I like when they [teachers] have the ability to connect with the student as a friend as well as a mentor, and that is really important. As well as being able to make concepts as simple and understandable as possible.” 


Joe Baumover (12) 

“Teachers that put in the time for their students as well as inspiring.” 


Lydia Cleghorn (12) 

“[Teachers that are] Understanding and passionate about what they teach.” 


Claire Sullivan (12) 

“When they [teachers] understand that students are busy outside of school and will work with them.”



Ms. Gantt 

“I love when students have their own personality. I don’t care as much if someone doesn’t love English, but I like when they give at least a little bit of care. When students put forth their best effort and do the very best that they can.” 


Mr. Meeks

“Somebody who is organized and open as well as gives respect, so that its easy to get respect back.” 


Mr. Patten 

“Good qualities in students for me is when they are respectful and focused, and respect is a really big thing.” 


Mr. Dropps 

“Someone who takes responsibility for their own actions, their own learning, is kind to everyone around them.” 


Ms. Parriott 

“I think anyone who is coming ready to participate, students who ask questions and are ready to learn.”


Mr. McGuire

“[A good student] Is one who is actively participating in class and cares about their education, as well as note taking, asking questions in class, things like that, during class, and one that knows how to use out of school resources with teacher and being in good communication.”


Mr. O’Neil

 “A student who pays attention, genuinely cares about their school, comes to class with the expectation to learn and just enjoys the school experience.”