Who Are You Wearing?

Many DCHS students show off their outfits and where they purchased them from.


Mary Kumedjro

DCHS Students show off their Jeans Day outfits to The Post

Mary Kumedjro, Staff Writer

On Tiktok, there are short clips of people just showing off their outfits. I loved this idea and wanted to broadcast our school’s stylish outfits and the different stores that the people wearing them had. I decided to search for students and staff on the Jeans Days to reveal the outfits I saw in the hallways. Every Deans Day, there were outfits that I saw that caught my eye. I thought it would be fun having people show off their clothes in school.


Fliming the video was a great way to see different students’ anesthetics! I saw students with edgy styles and more calm cute styles. Each one allowed me to see a glimpse of their personality as well. Some of my favorite outfits were Kylie Camarata (11) and Reagan James (12). I loved their outfits and their accessories and shoes added to their outfits nicely. I think Jeans Days are great because we as students are so different, and we get to see our differences in the clothes and shoes we choose to wear on those days. I had so much fun filming this video, I hope everyone enjoys it!