A Maroon Difference

The rundown on the Maroon Market


Food items available in the Maroon Market.

Emily Ponxs, Staff Writer

Hygiene items such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, and soap are available.

The Maroon market was started by Mrs. Tickel this year. She is a teacher at Dowling while also being a leader for the Maroon Crew. The program provides food, hygiene items, and even uniform items for Dowling Students and families in order to support those in need.  The food is donated by The Des Moines Food Pantry and varies per week: some of the options they had this week include pasta, pasta sauce, biscuits, canned vegetables, and more.

   Being a Maroon involves service, this year the Senior Service Project was the donation of items to the Maroon Market. The items were donated at the Senior Class Mass with a wide variety of items received.  The goal of the Maroon Market is to help fight against hunger and create a hunger-free community for students and families to better serve those in need in our community.  Now, how does it work? Dchs students and families can order as needed- orders can be placed in a variety of places: you may email them at [email protected] catholic.org, fill out the form that is sent along with the weekly Maroon Minute, or contact Mrs. Tickel for any help ordering.  The orders are processed on days where school is in session; all orders are confidential.  The items can be placed in the Attendance Office, student locker, or the Greeter’s Desk depending on the specified preference. This new addition to Dowling is a step in the right direction to helping fight hunger and help people get what they need.