Sports Feature: Michael Zachary

Ronnie Brown

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Elusive, transcending, dominate: these are some of the words used to describe Dowling’s very own Michael Zachary. From the mat to the gridiron Zachary has simply enforced his will on the competition. Whether he’s terrifying opposing coaches with his dual-threat abilities as a returner, corner, and receiver, or scaring an opposing wrestler with his lighting fast speed and brute strength. Zachary seems as though he’s a force of nature that simply can’t be stopped.

Now that Zachary has defended his state championship in football he is ready to do the same in wrestling.  Zachary has made a statement in his senior year of wrestling complete dominance. Zachary is ranked number one in the state for his weight class and has made pins a regularity. Zachary’s potential is becoming a reality in his final season in maroon.

Although Zachary has obvious physical gifts that simply can’t be taught, he still works extremely hard at perfecting his craft as well as his body. Most would think practice with coach Stanley, an All American at Indiana would be enough, but Zachary and his two brothers, Julian and Jacob, also engage in an extremely intense lifting program.
The lifting program is run  by their father, Dennis Zachary, or Doc as most people refer to him. Doc is a former bodybuilder and defensive lineman at the University of Minnesota, as well as a family physician. The rigorous workout begins with a three-mile run at full speed. Then, they work their arms, neck, and legs. Finally, they run another mile and stretch to end the workout.

Zachary’s work ethic has been  as instrumental in his success as his physical gifts.