Math teacher adds theology to his daily routine

Mr. Thole, a math teacher at DCHS, poses for The Dowling Catholic Post.
Noah Smith
Mr. Thole, a math teacher at DCHS, poses for The Dowling Catholic Post.

Tired, barely on time, and ready for another day of school, Dowling Catholic students stand to the regular tone of, “Good morning, Dowling Catholic, please stand.” Mr. Thole, a teacher in the math department, is the man behind the morning prayer that the students hear each day.

“It goes back to, obviously a strong passion for the faith,” Thole said. “The fact that I teach math all year doesn’t allow me to exercise that as much as I would like to to.”

Thole’s love for the Catholic faith is what drives him to preach a message relevant to Dowling students every day.

“A lot of it is my opportunity to say ‘Oh, I think students should hear this,’ and I’m going to be the guy to tell them,” Thole said.

His main goal is to show Dowling students that the Gospel can mean something in their everyday lives, and they don’t have to change themselves to be Christ-centered leaders.

“You don’t have to fit a certain mold to be a good Christian,” Thole said. “You can be that stereotypical jock, that doesn’t mean you can’t love God, too.”

Since Thole only teaches theology during summer school, the morning prayer is his outlet during the school year to preach a message.

“It is my way of teaching about the most important thing you can learn about without being a theology teacher during the school year,” he said.

Even though Thole has a fiery passion for teaching about the faith, he also loves what he does right now.

“I really do love teaching math,” he said

Morning prayer is a win-win situation for Thole, since he can teach math and teach about the faith at the same time.

He said “Morning prayer is a good outlet for me to talk about God, and I don’t need to be teaching theology courses to fulfill my vocation of being a good role model for the students.”