What is the Super Bowl to You?

Cliché, passing fad, or national treasure?

Jenna Lynn Bindel, Staff

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Art courtesy of Katelynn Giblin

Art courtesy of Katelynn Giblin

Football was considered America’s favorite pastime for many years. Families and Friends alike gather to watch their favorite teams face off in a rough battle of strategy, skill, and athletic ability. Those who don’t watch or participate enjoy snacks such as cheese sticks, chicken wings, and cheese dip, often shaped as a football field, their favorite team’s mascot, or a football itself.

The Super Bowl is a thing in and of itself, though. Since 1967, football fans have celebrated the game as the end of the televised season and the battle of the best teams of the year. Over the years the Super Bowl has featured football greats from Joe Montana to Tom Brady and halftime shows from stars such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, but this once American Classic has turned into a cliché, especially among those not involved in sports and those whose favorite teams just can’t seem to get there.

There seems to be a definite division, especially among Dowling Students. Some students such as Junior Scott Conner claim the Super Bowl should be a national holiday, while other students such as Sophomore Layne Followill would rather watch anime or sleep, and other students still could not tell you who played, where it was, or even who won.

Is the Super Bowl a passing fad? After all, few things maintain hype for more than 50 years; 70s music has come and gone, the once popular mullet is now seen as creepy, and those people with wheels in their sneakers are no longer the cool kids in class. However, sporting events tend to do a little bit better long term; the world series has been running strong for close to 115 years, the world cup for more than 80, and while the modern Olympics have only been held for around 120 years, the ancient Greeks have been holding them since before Jesus was alive.

So, Is the Super Bowl a passing fad like disco and roller diners or is it going to be around for hundreds of years? Only time will tell.