Making this Lent a Memorable One


Stevie LeWarne, Journalist

Already one week into the season of Lent, the temptations have begun.  Students are beginning to realize how difficult it will be to withhold their Lenten sacrifices for a full forty days.  Many of those struggling simply give in for one day then continue on with their sacrifices until the next temptation arises.  This Lent, challenge yourself to keep to those sacrifices.  

The beautiful aspect of Lent is the focus on mercy and redemption.   If you do slip up one day, don’t simply give up for the rest of the season.  Christ is always waiting for you to return to Him.  Lent gives the faithful an opportunity to reflect on the way they have been living their lives and change for the better.  

For those stuck on how to make this Lent a season of grace and penance, the Dowling Catholic Theology Department has a tool to help you on your Lenten journey.  Last week, Adam Story (former Dowling Catholic teacher who currently works for the diocese) presented all of the theology classes with a new spiritual handbook.  Each student received their very own “Spiritual Spring Training Handbook.”  Story discussed how our souls need to be healthy just like our physical bodies.  The handbook promotes prayerful reflection and spiritual goal setting.  All students are encouraged to use these handbooks as a tool during Lent and the spring season.  

If you completely dread the idea of sacrificing a food, activity or pleasure from your everyday life, you can still participate in a Lenten almsgiving.  With it being the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis shed light on his view of almsgiving rather than sacrifice during Lent.  His message for Lent 2016 is titled “I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice. The Works of Mercy on the Road of the Jubilee.”  In his message, the Pope explains that those that are wealthy and blessed abundantly have a responsibility to give back to those in poverty.  This message from the Pope is perfect for those students who’d rather give back than hold back this Lent.

There’s only about thirty more days left for the Lenten season.  Make each of those days until Easter a chance to live for and with Christ.  If you have strayed from the faith, make an attempt to return.  Christ has an abundance of grace waiting for all in His Church.