Meet the 2023 Winter Formal Court!


K. Tickel

The Winter Formal candidates line up for a photo shoot in the Nartex.

Marin Stark, Staff Writer

Six boys and six girls have been nominated by their fellow senior classmates to be on Winter Formal court. One will be queen, and one will be king… Let me introduce you to the court!


Sarah Moore is involved in soccer, NHS, and Maroon Crew. She is unsure of her future college she will attend in the fall. Her date for Winter Formal is Harrison Grant. When asked about her Winter Formal plans, she had it all figured out!

Sarah Moore

“I am going to take pictures and have dinner with my friends!”


Caleb Alsin is involved in Tennis, NHS, and Special Olympics. He is planning on attending Iowa State University next year. He is going to the dance with Ally Anderson. I asked him how he felt about being nominated for court.

Caleb Alsin

“I didn’t think I’d get on court so I was mucho surprised. It also reminded me I needed to get something to wear for the dance.”

Lillie Brooks is a Student Ambassador and plays softball. She is planning on attending the University of Missouri. Her date for Winter Formal is Matthew Hanten.

Lillie Brooks

“I was shocked when I heard I was nominated and kind of nervous.”

Charlie Ferrari is on the golf team, a student ambassador, and a peer tutor. He is planning on going to college out of state. When asked about Winter Formal, Charlie shared his plans for the evening.

Charlie Ferrari

“I’m going with a group of friends. We’re eating at Tupelo Honey and taking pictures at Hotel Fort Des Moines.” 

Julia Moore is involved in NHS, Maroon Crew, and plays basketball. She is planning on attending Washington University and playing soccer in college. Her date for Winter Formal is Brayden Pearson. 

Julia Moore

“I was surprised I was nominated and excited to be on court.”

Colin Clark is on the basketball and track and field teams. He is also involved in NHS and Maroon Crew. He plans on attending Creighton University next fall. His date for Winter Formal is Meredith Schultz.

Colin Clark

“My date and I will be going with our friends. We’ll take pictures then eat together at a restaurant. After that we’ll attend the winter formal dance.” 

Lily Alessio is involved in Maroon Crew and is on the Dowling Dance Team. Her date for Winter Formal is Jared Ricke. Lily shares a bit of family history regarding Winter Formal Court.

Lily Alessio

“I was really excited when I heard I was nominated. Both of my parents were on court when they were seniors here at Dowling and so was my older sister. So I was really excited to hear I got on it!”

Dennis Kim is involved in Bowling, Chess, and Knitting. He plans on serving the Korean Military after high school. When asked how he felt about being nominated, Dennis was surprised and blessed. 

Dennis Kim

“Many people here voted for me. It’s a big deal.” 

Anna Schaffer is involved in Outreach, Cards for a Cause, and Special Olympics. She plans on attending Iowa State University.

Anna Schaffer

“I was really excited. It was a big surprise.” 



Jack Power is a student ambassador and is involved in DC Singers, NHS, and Ut Fidem. His date for Winter Formal is Teagan Kavan.

Jack Power

“I am excited to be on court.”

Liza Colloton is involved in Outreach, Maroon Crew and Cards for a Cause. She is unsure where she will be attending college next fall. Her date for Winter Formal is Jack Williams. I asked Liza how she felt when she heard she was nominated.

Liza Colloton

“I thought it was funny because I was in class with two guys who already got nominated for king. It was definitely interesting.”

Brock Benda is involved in Maroon Crew, Special Olympics, and tennis. He is planning on attending Iowa State University in the fall. His date for Winter Formal is Anna Recker.

Brock Benda

“I am going to the dance and hanging with my date.”


The Pep Assembly the Friday before the dance will announce the Winter Formal King and Queen. The dance is on Saturday night and is going to be a lot of fun!