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Spring finals week is here!

Mallory Wilson, Author

May 16, 2018

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As the school year comes to an end, the students of Dowling Catholic begin to study hard for finals week. Even though summer is only a week away, students have to give their all for the upcoming tests. To making hundreds of no...

Netflix Summer 2017

Eric Spenceri

May 18, 2017

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With summer coming up, chances are that the amount of free time of both teachers and students will go through the roof. And what better way to spend one’s free time than to binge watch Netflix? But with all these shows and mo...

Bakery Backfire

March 28, 2017

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Before the other night I considered myself a pretty good baker.  I can make cookies, granted they're from the box, and simple cakes. I decided to try to step it up and really test my baking skills. My plan was to make sugar...

What We’ve Been Reading

March 28, 2017

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With all these critically acclaimed movies arriving in theaters in the recent months, from Logan to La La Land, sometimes people just want to kick back and enjoy a good old fashioned book. Thankfully there are many books one can ch...

Locker Laziness or Backpack Brio

March 28, 2017

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One of the lesser recorded differences between Dowling Catholic and metro public high schools is that of carrying around a backpack versus keeping all materials in a locker. This slight difference may provide for an entirely con...

Morning Routines

Grace Wormley

March 28, 2017

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Beep beep beep. The alarm goes off in the morning to wake you up for another day of school. Are you one to hit the snooze button five times before actually getting up, or are you up and at em’ before you have to hear another...

The Famous and Infamous of the Dowling Catholic Lunchroom

Noah Smith, Writer

March 21, 2017

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At Dowling Catholic, the lunch menu is of importance to students, as it’s an everyday occurrence. After asking DCHS students what their favorite and least favorite lunches were, we came up with the top 5 of each.   ...


March 21, 2017

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It's that time of the year again, every high student will probably say this is their favorite break they receive Spring Break. Some travel and others decide to stay home. Stayacation is the technical term for those who will stay ho...

This is Us: Must see show

Alexis Riesberg, Staff

January 26, 2017

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Have a Kleenex box ready when watching This is Us, because you will experience a flood of emotions in this roller coaster drama. This show not only teaches parenting and love, but it teaches about how family is everything. You sta...

A Letter to the Dowling Catholic Student Body

November 16, 2016

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Dear undocumented students, Here, there are no walls. Dear black students, Your life DOES matter. Dear Muslim students and students of Middle Eastern descent, We know you are not terrorists. Dear Mexican s...

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