Fashion Flashback


M. Branstad

The cover of the1982-83 Dowling Yearbook, featuring words that start with MAR.

Mackenzie Branstad, Staff Writer

The fashion industry has majorly changed in the 1980s vs today. Looking back at the yearbook from 1982-1983 and looking at an average Jeans Day in 2023 we can see the major style changes in our uniforms and in style in general.








Presila Edward ’24 (left) photo taken from Dowling Catholic yearbook 1982-1983 (right)

In 1982-83 girls used to wear their hair short with waves. “The” style now is to grow your hair long, usually styled straightened or curled. In 1982-83 girls used to perm their hair and style their hair shorter but with more height with layers and bangs. “The higher the hair the closer to Jesus” they used to say in the 80s.


Aaron Ayala ’24 (left) Photo taken from 1982-1983 (right)


The men’s fashion industry is a lot different today as well. In 1982-83 the fashion was a lot more classic. Collared shirts were relatively popular and they liked different design patterns like stripes. In 2023 the style is more relaxed. Wearing t-shirts that don’t have a lot of design and patterns is more in style. The style now also isn’t wearing lots of color for men; more basic minimalist outfits are in style today. 

Alaina Cleghorn ’24 (left) photo taken from Dowling Catholic yearbook 1982-1983 (right)


In 1982 they would wear a lot of fun patterned vests. The uniform was even adapted to the fashion and they would have to wear vests to school. You can see the design of the checkered pattern which is a lot more outgoing than  we have today. In 2023 our patterns are more softened and colorful and made in lots of different styles.

Taylor Tallman ’23 (left) Photo taken from Dowling Catholic yearbook 1982-1983(right)



In 1982 girls were able to wear skirts and high boots were very popular. You can also see the difference in shirt style. The button-down collared shirt was allowed in the Dowling Catholic dress code when today that is not. Today the crewneck sweatshirt with designs and personalization is very popular for Jeans Day.



The fashion industry is one of those industries that is always changing and evolving and the style goes in and out quickly. It’s interesting looking at the differences between the decades and how the culture has changed along with the style and uniform of the way that we dress here at Dowling Catholic.